Thank You to all Participants of Our Inaugural Environmental Leadership Program!

In June 2017, Neighborhood Housing Services of New Haven launched its inaugural Environmental Leadership Program. Participants learned about the environment and their neighborhood; connected with useful resources and people; and aspired to create their own environmental projects. 


This year's workshops included:


June 13, 2017: Climate, Health, and Neighborhoods

  • Learn about the wide-reaching scope of climate change impacts. From the global impacts to the impacts felt at the neighborhood and individual level.
  • Discuss how climate change affects health and social equity. 


June 20, 2017: Home Energy-Efficiency, Going Solar, and Other Renewable Solutions

  • Discover the resources available in New Haven that can help you be more energy efficient in your home.
  • Dicuss the benefits of energy efficiency
  • Learn about solar power and how to bring more renewable energy sources in your home and community


July 11, 2017: Planning Your Project

  • Learn about the basics of planning community-based projects
  • Identify resources in New Haven available to fund and support your project
  • Examine outreach and community engagement strategies
  • Discuss the benefits of working as a team vs. working as an individual and how to connect with exsiting projects


July 18, 2017: Water in Your Home and Neighborhood

  • Examine the New Haven Water System
  • Learn about stormwater, its impact on health, and how to manage it
  • Discuss the potential for community projects to address these issues and promote improved water quality, water conservation, and green space in your neighborhoods


August 1, 2017: Talking Trash, Managing Waste, and Greening Neighborhood Spaces

  • Learn about ways to reduce waste by repurposing, recyling, and composting
  • Discuss the benefits of community gardens and green space in our neighborhoods


August 8, 2017: Transportation Matters and Project Showcase

  • Discuss the impacts the transportation sector has on climate change and health
  • Explore the benefits and challenges of sustainable transportation options
  • Learn about what the City of New Haven is doing to expand the transportation system in New Haven and ways you can get involved


Participants attended at least five of the workshops listed above. Sessions were held from 6pm-8pm at NHS of New Haven.