Learn to budget, improve your credit, and prepare to buy and keep a home.

Financial coaching is part of all our services, so you learn to create a financial plan that works for you, save for housing costs and repair your credit. Our HomeOwnership Center serves 1,000+ people annually, meets your needs no matter your financial situation, and advises you until you reach your homeownership goals.


Develop Financial Literacy

Financial literacy skills, like planning and saving money,  are critical in qualifying for a mortgage and being able to meet your financial goals.

Achieve Your Goal of Buying a Home

We provide you with resources on downpayment and closing cost programs and first-time homebuyer mortgage products that will assist you in achieving your goal of homeownership.

Keeping Your Home

Providing counseling and coaching with a housing specialist to position you for sustainability and retention through mortgage assistance.

“If you are nervous about the process of homeownership, this team will give you honest and truthful information.”

~ Ade Nicholson-Hassell, Homebuyer

“I attended all the classes. My experience was great – a lifetime support!”

~ Baba Naz Abubakari, Homebuyer


8-Hour Homebuyer Education Class

The 8-hour Homebuyer Education Class fully equips prospective homebuyers with all the information needed to be well-informed consumers.  In preparing class participants, we go over each step in the process of becoming a homeowner, from preparing to be mortgage-ready to closing on the property. In addition, we bring in loan officers, home inspectors, realtors and attorneys to speak for one hour each to provide information and tools to prepare the homebuyers for the process.

This class is offered in-person and on-line.

3-Hour CHFA Pre-closing Class

The 3-hour CHFA Homebuyer Class is designed specifically for prospective homebuyers who have already been pre-approved for a CHFA mortgage.  The mortgage may be serviced by one of the local, regional or national banks in Connecticut but the note is owned by CHFA.  This class provides detail on the origin and structure of a CHFA mortgage, the steps to obtaining a CHFA mortgage, eligibility requirements, the closing process and the compliance guidelines and procedures specific to maintaining a CHFA mortgage as a borrower.

Landlord Class

The Landlord Class is geared towards teaching prospective and current landlords to be financially sustainable property managers. Participants will learn to be well-versed in the state and federal policies pertaining to renting properties, Fair Housing Laws, and appropriate landlord-tenant interactions.  We cover the budgetary concepts a landlord should use to ensure sustainability, go over the relevant documents that a landlord provides to prospective tenants, and a detailed step-by-step approach to screening tenants.  The booklet used and given out in this class is “Becoming a Landlord,” published by Fannie Mae.

Financial Boot Camp and Credit Coaching

The class focuses on empowering class participants to take control of their financial livelihood, understand the triggers that affect spending habits, and how to achieve and maintain stellar credit on a long-term basis.  In helping our existing and prospective homeowners develop effective money management skills, we realize that we are helping to preserve the dream of homeownership.


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