Sustainable Landscaping

Reduce pollution and flooding, Beautify your yard and neighborhood
Join us every spring and fall as we explore the connections between land and water in our native ecosystem. Whether you live in the urban core, suburbs, or countryside, we are all interconnected, and so are the plants, birds, fish, insects and animals doing their best to live among us. General classes explore those interconnections and our role within them; hands-on classes provide instruction on how to do fun family projects that give you a healthy excuse to go outside and play! From gardening and landscaping, to rain gardens and other stormwater management projects, taking care of our environment means taking care of ourselves as we become more resilient as individuals and communities.

2022 Fall Classes:

Nature in your Back Yard and Long Island Sound, and how they’re connected

With nearly all of Connecticut located within the Long Island Sound watershed, our marine life is interdependent with life on the shore, upstream, in our parks and preserves, and even in our backyards. As homeowners, gardeners and preserves managers, what we do can make a tremendous difference to the survival of countless native species, in the sea, on land, and in the air.  

Join Judy Preston, the Long Island Sound outreach coordinator for Connecticut Sea Grant, for a fascinating overview of life undersea and aboveground here in Connecticut, and ways that your backyard can strengthen our natural ecosystems.  

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Landscaping without Pesticides 

Living without poisons makes sense; but how do you do that in your yard? Did you know that the City of New Haven instituted a voluntary ban on pesticides? Why? And how can you achieve results that are beautiful, easy and inexpensive to maintain, and maybe even edible Learn about the basic concepts of working with nature and helping nature to work with you in your landscaping projects. 

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Bringing in the Rain – A Permaculturist’s Perspective

Residential stormwater management can take many forms, from the bioswale in your treebelt to a downspout spreader that helps the rain from your roof spread across your yard, to rain barrels and rain gardens. This class will focus on rain gardens, and might upend some of your assumptions about them.  Join NHS’ Community Sustainability director, Kathy Fay, for some rain gardens basics, and Sven Pihlpermaculturist and urban homesteader, for a unique perspective on the possibilities of rain gardens as a part of an integrated productivity plan for your yard.

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