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The average cost to purchase, fully rehab, and landscape a home often exceeds $400,000. Our typical selling price ranges from $175,000 for a single-family house to $250,000 for a two-family home. Your donations make it possible for us to deliver these services and improve living conditions for New Haven residents.


Are you a natural networker with a love of helping people? Create social media donation events, host fundraising parties at various venues, and garner support for NHS in other unique ways. Join the fun; party for a cause!


You make it possible for us to accomplish the community building, education, cleanup, and home renovation work that strengthens New Haven’s neighborhoods. Whether you prefer office work or site work, you can make a difference with NHS of New Haven!

Every year, NHS participates in a number of tax credit programs, including Connecticut’s Neighborhood Assistance Act program. If your company is interested in supporting a portion of our work in lieu of certain state tax obligations, please contact us for details.


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