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I Heart My Home CT is a cost-free, one-stop shop to make home improvements for health, comfort, energy savings, and lower utility bills.

With her I Heart My Home energy coach, Mike Uhl, Crystal Blair no longer had to struggle with contractor issues, her HVAC being shut down by an inspector or the money pit of an electric system that nobody wanted to work on. “One electrician would disconnect everything,” Blair said, “they had to cut into walls that couldn’t be patched.” Uhl was with her every step of the way and counseled that if that was the case, it was better to change out the wall and insulate while it was open.

I Heart My Home helped make sure Blair qualified for comprehensive incentives so that her upgrades were paid – in full – through the HES-IE program. She’s one of the first HES-IE customers in Eversource territory to be included in their Heat Pump Pilot program. “HVAC was the most exciting part,” Blair explained, considering the installation didn’t require any out-of-pocket payment. “Even the guy installing it was surprised!”

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Give your house some love with I Heart My Home CT. Whether you call us your coach, energy counsellor, or energy concierge service, we are here for you. We help you understand your home’s energy needs, the resources available to you and the best upgrades to help you meet your goals.

More comfort, lower bills

For homeowners, renters, landlords

Am I eligible to participate? I Heart My Home CT counsels residential renters, owner-occupants, and landlords to make their buildings more energy-efficient and deploy clean energy and sustainability practices at those properties to ensure a transition to an inclusive, equitable energy future.

Do you want your home to be more comfortable? Do you want more freedom from utility bills? Whether you’re seeking solar panels, insulation, an upgraded air conditioning or heating system, or simply a drier basement, I Heart My Home CT helps make an actionable plan and access the resources to achieve your goals. We stick with you every step of the way.

Here in New Haven, we’ve endured the record-breaking temperatures in the summer and unpredictable winters brought about by climate change. If you’re fortunate to live in a home that’s newer or that’s been updated, you likely feel comfortable inside year-round. But most New Haven residents live in older housing that lacks the air sealing, insulation, tight doors and windows, and efficient heating and air conditioning systems necessary to keep homes comfortable and healthy. They’re stuck wasting energy and paying higher utility bills.


  1. Work with an energy engineer: Analyze the most effective options for your property and create a data tool that allows that process to begin immediately.
  2. One-on-one in-home counseling: Using a data-driven process to help you review and compare options, identify individual goals and what resources are available and appropriate to meet them, and what steps to take to complete the upgrade(s).
  3. Project management: Project management services and assistance accessing resources are available upon request.
  4. Enjoy the benefits: Enjoy the benefits of your initial success while energy and monetary savings of completed projects are measured and verified.
  5. Set a new goal and repeat: You may set a new goal and repeat the process to save even more energy and money.


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