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Housing: Is it a Human Right?

Tenant Hopes Rest On New State Lifeline

Unemployed and undocumented, Sandra Lopez keeps falling further behind on rent as the state assistance she received last fall has long since run out…

Housing: Is it a Human Right?

Housing Advocates Press for Added Funding as Aid Program Relaunches

The Connecticut Department of Housing is once again accepting applications for a program that offers up to $4,000 in rental assistance to individuals who have suffered economically from the effects of the coronavirus.

Housing: Is it a Human Right?

Arlevia Samuel looks to create “housing for all” as Livable City Initiative director

New Haven has a new director for its Livable City Initiative…James Paley, executive director of local non-profit Neighborhood Housing Services of New Haven, told the news he’s eager to begin working with Samuel…

Housing: Is it a Human Right?

Housing: Is it a Human Right?

While the traditional picture of urban housing is often in the form of high-density buildings and single-room occupancy units (SROs), Russell offers a new perspective to consider that might make affordable housing more appealing to NIMBY communities.

5 City Sales Seek Affordable Homebuyers

The city plans to sell four vacant lots and one blighted, empty house to a trio of local affordable housing developers, who plan to build five new owner-occupied homes in Newhallville, Beaver Hills, and Fair Haven.

NHS New Haven Launches Campaign to Create ‘I (Heart) My Home’ Program

Neighborhood Housing Services of New Haven (NHS) is excited to announce a new community sustainability project in New Haven called “I (Heart) My Home,” which aims to help residents…

Day of Service Helps Hill Family

On Sunday evening Yousufu received a last-minute call from Stephen Cremin-Endes, NHS director of community building & organizing, who offered to lend a helping hand from the nonprofit housing builder and Milone & MacBroom civil engineers and landscape architects….

Yale’s Dwight Hall to honor Neighborhood Housing Services

Neighborhood Housing Services of New Haven has been chosen for the 2019 Community Partner Award by Dwight Hall students and staff, according to a release.

New Haven Experiencing Housing Boom

A housing boom in New Haven. The Elm City is now leading the state in new housing activity this construction season. City officials are proud of the trend, but advocates caution some neighborhoods are being left behind.

$2.57 Million in Grants Will Improve the Health of Long Island Sound

$2 million for 24 grants to Improve the Health and Ecosystem of Long Island Sound in New England…

West River Watershed Raises Its Profile

The West River Greenway is getting a little more advertising in the towns that it meanders through thanks to some new signage \going up in the watershed.

15 Routes Offered To Affordable Housing

Pass an inclusionary zoning ordinance. Be stricter with bad landlords, and celebrate the responsible ones. Ease up on minimum lot area requirements. And regulate short-term rental services like Airbnb.

“Safe Neighborhood” Quest Looks To Year 2

One year after the long-awaited implementation of a $1 million federal grant to make Newhallville a safer place, its governance committee is examining its progress and on the hunt for a new project manager.

Watchdogs To Newhaville: Keep The Byrne

Newhallville is on the path to safe neighborhood success; it just has to keep doing what it’s doing and hold “partners” accountable. That charge and the challenge came from a watchdog…

Roots Planted In Newhallville

Andres Concha-Brito spends his days installing carpets in Fairfield County mansions. Anneisha Haye spends her days overseeing housekeeping at a Whalley Avenue hotel.


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