One Small Step for The Environment, One Big Leap for Your Home

I Heart My Home CT customer finds it important to upgrade home energy system for the sake of the environment

NHS of New Haven I Heart My Home CT customer EileenEileen O’Donnell has been a member of the New Haven community for 50 years. As a longtime resident, Eileen heard about Neighborhood Housing Services of New Haven (NHS) many years ago. She was an NHS organic gardening series participant and two years ago, she heard about the I Heart My Home CT program at the NHS Valentine’s Day breakfast.

“I was concerned with the environment,” Eileen recalled about why she contacted the I Heart My Home CT program for assistance. “I was trying to conserve energy just in general because of the energy use and waste.” She was looking for a solution to help her use less fuel and make her home energy system more efficient.

The upgrades for Eileen’s three-family home started a year ago. After weatherization and core measurements, the I Heart My Home CT team began insulation and triple-pane upgrades for 45 windows. “The house wasn’t insulated. It wasn’t efficient in terms of heating. So, I wanted to get that done first.” Eileen said. She had insulation upgrades in the walls (R-0 to R15) and the attic (R19 to R49). Windows in her home didn’t close properly, which caused air leaks and higher utility bills. The upgraded windows increased the energy efficiency in her home.

“People that came to work on the projects were very considerate and polite. They let me know when they were coming and cleaned up after themselves. They were very efficient.” Eileen was satisfied with the process, from consultation to the actual projects. “For every step along the way, even though there were some difficulties, it was done very well. I think it is the best possible way to do it (energy-efficient home upgrades).”

This year, two more projects are on Eileen and the I Heart My Home Team’s list: installing a hybrid water heater and duct sealing. She can’t wait to see the final results and get some data on how the upgrade helped with lowering her use of energy.

“For me, it’s been good for my soul to know that I’m helping the environment.” Eileen considers the environmental benefits the best part of the I Heart My Home CT program.

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