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We rehab distressed houses and sell them to low- and moderate-income families.

Our Mission

NHS of New Haven strengthens neighborhoods by developing affordable housing and increasing homeownership opportunities; providing homebuyer education and financing coaching; making homes safe, beautiful and energy efficient; and working to improve perceptions of communities in which we are working by helping residents take charge of their neighborhoods.

Our Vision

We envision a New Haven that has more affordable housing options; has more homeownership and residential stability in its neighborhoods; has stable and financially empowered residents; has more neighborhoods amenities and resources that are equitably distributed; and is environmentally responsible and sustainable.

141 Newhall St.

For many years the most neglected property in Newhallville, this house sat windowless on the corner of Starr Street and across the street from an NHS new construction project. It became the epicenter of NHS New Havens’ Newhall/Starr cluster.

725 Winchester Ave.

725 Winchester Ave. was a fire-damaged building located directly across from the intersection of Bassett Street. The traffic light on the corner gave people heading east on Bassett Street an opportunity to gaze at this property for a good long time if they were stopped at the light.

570 Howard Ave.

We acquired this property from another nonprofit development corporation that no longer exists in the Hill neighborhood. Formerly an elegant turn-of-the-century house, it had fallen into considerable disrepair and was considered by many to be the most distressed property in the neighborhood.

753 Winchester Ave.

Standing adjacent to another home we had recently rehabilitated, this property was the scene of many illicit and troubling activities in the neighborhood. The new owners of 745 Winchester pleaded with NHS New Haven to acquire this property and transform it into an owner-occupied residence. It was completed in 2018.

482 Dixwell Ave.

482 Dixwell Ave. was one of the most challenging interior renovations that NHS New Haven has ever undertaken. When we acquired this property, it was filled with years of organic refuse and was not only an eyesore but also a public health hazard.

167 Edgewood Ave.

167 Edgewood Ave. was the first of NHS New Haven’s affordable rental development projects. This 4000+ square-foot house on a heavily trafficked entranceway to downtown New Haven had formerly been owned by an investor known for under-maintaining his properties.

15 LILAC St.

15 Lilac St. was purchased by the daughter of the owner of the house next door. She loved the Newhallville neighborhood and wanted to be close to her mother. Homeownership for our buyer provided close proximity to her family and independent living for the buyer and her children.


Affordable Housing

Renovated 290 homes, providing housing for 504 families in underserved neighborhoods of New Haven.


Built Community with over 1000 volunteers participating in 200 events and 10,000+ volunteer hours.


Led 15 home maintenance and energy conservation classes and 10 storm water management events.

Invest in New Haven's Neighborhoods

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