Strengthening Neighborhoods

We have a lasting impact for families and neighborhoods through our holistic approach to development.


We strengthen neighborhoods by developing affordable housing and increasing homeownership opportunities; providing homebuyer education and financial coaching; making homes safe, beautiful and energy efficient; and improving perceptions of the neighborhoods in which we work by helping residents take charge of their communities.

Join us to empower families and strengthen neighborhoods!  

Affordable Housing

Since 1979, we’ve built high-quality housing for 504 families in underserved neighborhoods of New Haven.

Before & After

We’ve purchased, fully rehabbed, and landscaped almost 300 distressed houses, then sold them for below cost.

Community Building

With our partners, volunteers, and residents from the community, we cultivate healthy neighborhoods.


Energy Counseling

As of March 1st, 2022, we had counseled 470 households in order to complete 209 deep energy retrofit measures and 87 health remediations statewide.

Residential Leadership

Graduates of our leadership training programs are launching community building projects throughout New Haven.


We have installed over 30 storm-water management systems in underserved neighborhoods of New Haven.


“I support NHS because I believe strongly in building the community from the grass roots, which NHS is committed to. I also believe that affordable housing is the most critical component of a vibrant and healthy community.”

~ Jenna Lupi, donor


Chilean-born Andres Concha-Brito purchased an NHS rehab in Newhallville in 2018.  Settled in his new home, he shows off his growing record collection. By developing affordable housing, making homes safe and energy-efficient, and increasing homeownership opportunities, we help neighbors like Andres purchase their dream homes.


Bridgette Russell, Director of the HomeOwnership Center, is one of the many experts who teach at our Learning Lab. Through providing homebuyer education and financial coaching, home maintenance tutorials, and gardening and landscape workshops, we give students the tools to purchase, care for and stay in their homes.


We envision a New Haven where all neighborhoods are vibrant and safe, and all residents are thriving in beautiful, dignified homes. By helping residents take charge of their communities, together we improve perceptions of the neighborhoods in which we work.


Building healthy communities starts with listening. By taking the time to develop relationships with residents, community management teams, and other stakeholders, we make a lasting difference for families and neighborhoods throughout New Haven.

In 2019, NHS of New Haven built community with 300 volunteers participating in 21 events, giving our neighborhoods 1500 community service hours.

Since 2010, we’ve graduated 150 resident leaders. In 2020, as a response to the COVID pandemic, we held our first virtual Resident Leadership program with 15 participants.

We are deeply committed to co-creating healthy neighborhoods with residents, volunteers and partners.