NHS encourages residents to attend their local Community Management Team (CMT) meetings. CMT meetings are held once a month in each of New Haven's police districts to provide a forum for city representatives, businesses and residents to share information and address neighborhood issues. Attending CMT meetings is an excellent way to meet your neighbors and local government officials who are there to serve you.


Have a say in your neighborhoodattend your Community Management Team meetings.


Please note, the following location and contact information may no longer be correct. Please contact the Mayor's office for the latest information. City website may also be out-of-date. If you have any questions or updates, please email Adam at arawlings@nhsofnewhaven.org


Last updated 12/27/18.

Downtown/Wooster Square Management Team, D 1
3rd Tuesday, 6:00 pm
City Hall – 165 Church Street
Chair: Caroline Smith

Westville-West Hills, District 2
2nd Wednesday, 6:30 pm
Mauro-Sheridan School Cafeteria- 191 Fountain St.
Contact: westvillewesthillscmt@gmail.com

Hill South Management Team, District 3
3rd Wednesday, 6:00 pm
Betsy Ross School – 150 Kimberly Avenue

Chair: Sarah McIver - (203) 901-9698

Dwight/West River Management Team, District 4
1st Tuesday, 6:30 pm
Amistad Academy Middle School, Community Room
130 Edgewood Avenue
Chair: Florita Gillespie - (203) 776-0169

Hill North Management Team, District 5
2nd Tuesday, 6:00 pm
Hill Regional Career High School, Cafeteria
140 Legion Avenue
Chair: Lena Largie - (203) 415-1965

Dixwell Management Team, District 6
3rd Thursday, 7:00 pm
Dr. Reginald May School - 185 Goffe St
Co-chair: Nina Silva


Updated: 12/27/2018

Newhallville Management Team, District 7
4th Tuesday, 6:00 pm
Lincoln-Bassett School, Cafeteria (south entrance)
130 Bassett Street (enter parking lot at Butler and Lilac)
Chair: Kim Harris


East Rock/Prospect Hill Management Team, D 7
4th Monday, 7:00 pm
mActivity – 285 Nicoll Street
Chair: David Budries

Fair Haven Management Team, District 8
1st Thursday, 6:00 pm
Fair Haven Substation – 294 Blatchley Avenue
Chair: Diane Ecton

East Shore/Annex Community Management Team, D 9
2nd Tuesday, 7:00 pm
Morris Cove Firehouse - 488 Lighthouse Rd
Chair: Lisa Milone - 203-535-0582 (home)

Quinnipiac East/Fair Haven Heights Management Team, D 9
1st Tuesday, 7:00 pm
Ross Woodward School – 185 Barnes Avenue
Chair: George Page, Sr.

Whalley/Edgewood/Beaver Hill Management Team, District 10
3rd Tuesday, 7:00 pm
Beaver Hill Substation, Community Room (2nd door on parking lot side)
332 Whalley Avenue
Chair: Nadine Horton