Our Donors: Stephanie & Frank

Stephanie and Frank have lived in the Edgewood neighborhood for over 40 years. “When you think of a home neighborhood, this is it,” said Frank.

Frank moved to New haven from Chicago, while Stephanie moved here from New York. They thought New Haven would be “too small” for them. But, the size of this city has become one of their favorite features. “I like that it is not too big. It is of manageable size,” Frank said. “I keep talking with people about the fact that every time you run into somebody, you’ve got a friend in common somewhere. It just seems to happen.”

For Stephanie, it took her longer to fall in love with a city of this size, but New Haven eventually became the place that she will never leave. “We have so many good friends here, and it just feels like such a community. There is no way I would leave the community.”

Apart from enjoying their life in this neighborhood, Stephanie and Frank actively engage in a number of local organizations that serve the community. Frank was one of the board members of Habitat for Humanity, and Stephanie is a member of the Steering Team of West River Watershed Coalition. They came across NHS of New Haven in the 90s.

“What first really impressed me about Neighborhood Housing Services was the homeowners’ classes that they gave to people who were wanting to buy a house,” Frank recalled. For Stephanie, the need for NHS is simple: “Housing is a basic need… they (NHS) were doing this really nice job rehabbing houses and getting people ready for homeownership.”

Each year, Stephanie and Frank support the mission of NHS by donating through the Great Give in May or the annual, end-of-year fundraising event. They also contribute to other organizations that they believe in.

“People need quality housing, and they need ongoing support,” Stephanie said. They share the value they see NHS provides and this makes it an easy decision for them to give.

Thank you, Stephanie and Frank. We appreciate the continuous support you provide to us and the whole community. With donors like you, we are able to continue serving the community that we love and care for.

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