A Guide to Switching Electricity Suppliers

For those who want to save on utility bills or access a higher amount of renewable electricity, you always have the freedom to choose other retail suppliers for this “supply” portion of your bill.

The EnergizeCT website hosts a Rate Board where you can select other rates at your convenience. For UI, the current rate is 17.06₵ per kWh and for Eversource, the current rate is 14.71₵ per kWh.

The lowest price currently available, in UI territories, is 9.00₵ per kWh for 9 billing cycles and, in Eversource territory, 8.89₵ per kWh for 9 billing cycles.

Information brought to you by I Heart My Home CT, an NHS program, counsels residential renters, owner-occupants, and landlords to make their buildings more energy-efficient and deploy clean energy and sustainability practices to ensure a transition to an inclusive, equitable energy future at those properties.

We your need for an affordable option for your home. Reach out with questions and let us know if you’ve made a switch via ihmh@nhsofnewhaven.org.


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