We are proud to see our accomplishments showcased on the City of New Haven's official website.
Most Intriguing Commercial Building

In 2009, the Lab was named Most Intriguing (the top category) by the Connecticut Green Building Council, which stated: 

The Home Improvement and Energy Conservation Laboratory submitted by the Neighborhood Housing Services of New Haven, Inc. immediately caught the jury’s attention. Although the project is limited in scale, it sits in the midst of the community it serves and incorporates many sustainable features that readily demonstrate building projects the neighbors can examine firsthand and understand well enough to undertake on their own. Originally a neighborhood grocery store in the late 1890’s, the single-story frame building with a later masonry addition illustrates how much can be created out of a very small space and budget. Many of the products used in the building are recycled including light fixtures, built-in cabinetry and office furnishings. The extensive green roof planted with sedum can accommodate  future expansion of the photovoltaic array that already provides energy to the building. The first residential scale cogeneration system in the state is used to heat and cool the building.