"Thank you for all that you do for people in our city. I attended one of your first time home-buyer sessions last winter (as a first time home buyer) and was impressed by all the work you do to ensure people in our community safe housing. Your work is being noticed, particularly in the Newhallville and Dixwell areas." - Lauren M.


“I would advise anybody that’s trying to get a house, that don’t have a lot of money, to come to Neighborhood Housing, because they really have blessed me.” - Ernestine Richards


"Thanks to the wonderful staff at NHS, I am a homeowner today. I truly enjoyed working with NHS, they really made a big change in my life. 

-Hope Morris



"I wanted to thank you so much for what you've done for my family and I. We couldn't be happier, and you really helped in making my home-owning dreams come true."

-Lakeshia Sullins


"I am a transplanted New Yorker, living in CT for 13 years now. I am having fun with my house, which sometimes I almost can't believe I'm in! It has been very good working with NHS. I started a couple of years ago with Clara and now it seems like I know almost everyone there."




"I had an extraordinary housing specialist from Neighborhood Housing Services of New Haven helping me through the home buying process. I would highly recommend anyone that is buying a home to go see them."

-NHS homebuyer


"The staff at NHS was so friendly and professional. They provided me a roadmap guiding me through the entire process and were there to celebrate the purchase of my beautiful home!"

-Danielle Hamrick


"I was given the name of Neighborhood Housing Services of New Haven by another agency I had contacted that was not able to help us. But I tell you, the best thing that other agency could have done was to refer us to Neighborhood Housing Services... If it had not been for our housing specialist and Neighborhood Housing Services of New Haven, I don’t know what we would have done. We are so grateful to this organization that they are in place to help people like us who are put in [foreclosure] due to the economy. For those who are in a situation like we were, this organization and their staff will do everything possible to help you. Some words of encouragement: KEEP THE FAITH AND DON’T GIVE UP!"

-Ronald and Adrienne Jones