Loss Mitigation. Mortgage Deliquency. Foreclosure Prevention.

In 2008, a severe recession and the bursting of the “housing bubble” caused a record number of homeowners to face foreclosure, with the possibility of losing their homes. In some cases, homeowners had taken out subprime loans with adjustable interest rates that increased to unaffordable levels.  In others, the loss of a job or health-related issues resulted in a loss of income that rendered the mortgage payments unaffordable.  In still other cases, repairs were needed that could not be financed due to declining property values.


The foreclosure crisis produced an overabundance of neglected, blighted properties in the areas served by NHS of New Haven, and many homeowners who had been struggling to keep their homes simply walked away.  Fortunately, our HomeOwnership Center has certified specialists who have helped hundreds of homeowners obtain mortgage modifications with reduced interest rates and affordable terms.  In other instances, we provided homeowners with rescue funds that made mortgage modifications or mortgage reinstatements possible.


We are very well aware that there are still homeowners who are having difficulty making their mortgage payments. These homeowners are urged to contact our office at once. 

Our housing specialists are here to help!


Mortgage Scam Awareness

What could possibly be worse than the prospect of losing your home in foreclosure? The answer: being scammed by someone claiming to help you avoid foreclosure - someone who takes your money while claiming to help you - while you still end up in foreclosure. As cruel and heartless as this sounds, there are people who engage in such reprehensible behavior. NHS of New Haven provides counseling that will alert you to the dangers posed by these scam artists. We provide foreclosure intervention services without cost to homeowners who have fallen behind on their mortgage payments. You can feel secure that you are getting honest information and genuine assistance from a nonprofit organization that is here to serve you. Visit www.loanscamalert.org for more information.



If you are having difficulty paying your mortgage and fear that you might be at risk of foreclosure, please attend one of our Foreclosure Orientation classes.


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