Resources & Tools for Current Homeowners

Preserving Your Home
The New Haven HomeOwnership Center is dedicated to working with homeowners to ensure sustainable, long-term homeownership. Our Housing Specialists help homeowners avoid foreclosure through foreclosure prevention and loss mitigation counseling, aggressive budgeting strategies, mortgage modifications, and short sales in instances where homeownership is no longer a realistic option. We have helped hundreds of homeowners avoid foreclosure to date, and are committed to working with homeowners who seek our services to identify and achieve the best solutions for their specific needs.


Maintaining Your Home

Beyond financial responsibility, home maintenance and preservation are integral parts of successful homeownership. All homes experience wear and tear, and homeowners prepared to tackle these maintenance needs head-on are best equipped to sustain functional, high-quality homes for the long-term. The classes and workshops we offer through our Home Improvement & Energy Conservation Lab are designed to help homeowners take charge of their homes and make the most out of homeownership. As we teach homeowners about home safety, energy efficiency, and green technologies, they acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for implementing sustainable living practices, combating wear and tear, and maintaining their investments in their homes.