Homebuyer Education

The New Haven HomeOwnership Center offers a variety of pre-purchase homebuyer education programs for first-time homebuyers.


Our basic eight-hour pre-purchase class reviews all the fundamentals of homeownership, including the pros and cons of purchasing a home; the roles of realtors, mortgage originators, mortgage underwriters, and attorneys; financial management and budgeting needs; mortgage underwriting criteria and general mortgage-related terminology. An emphasis is also placed on the basic responsibilities of a homeowner.


Classes We Offer: 

(Our schedule varies each month, please click here for an updated calendar of upcoming classes.)


Financial Fitness (3 hours)

This class covers the importance of managing money and understanding credit so that you'll be a wiser consumer and avoid financial pitfalls. 


Landlord Class (3 hours)

Many of our first-time homebuyers who are purchasing a two- or three-family home do not fully comprehend the scope of the responsibilities that come with multi-family ownership. Owning a multi-family home is like running a business, and many of our clients are becoming first-time landlords at the same time they become first-time homeowners. The New Haven HomeOwnership Center has created a comprehensive workshop that deals with landlord and tenant issues. Our goal is to demystify the landlord/tenant relationship by providing information on landlord and tenant rights, responsibilities, and potential liabilities that will enable our clients to become responsible, competent landlords. The landlord class is required for all purchasers of a 2-4 family home. Clients referred by CHFA are required to register by telephone.  


Mortgage Intervention Clinic (2 hours)

Our mortgage intervention class reviews the entire foreclosure process and covers all options available in resolving mortgage difficulties. A Mortgage Intervention Counseling Intake Packet is required prior to attending orientation.


Pre-Closing Education (3 hours)

This class provides an overview on the range of financial and practical topics that a homebuyer should understand before completing the homeownership process. CHFA requires that applicants of the Downpayment Assistance, Home of Your Own Program and Homeownership Loan Program attend this class as part of their loan process.  


Pre-Purchase Homebuyer Education (8 hours)

This class is an extended session in the financial and practical aspect of buying and maintaining a home. Clients who are working with a bank or Realtor and have been pre-qualified for a mortgage are required to complete a first-time homebuyer application prior to registering for the class.  


In addition to the Homeownership classes offered above, NHS also offers a variety of workshops for homeowners looking to maintain or upgrade their home. Click here for a schedule of our Lab workshops


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