Your First Step Toward Homeownership

Buying your first home can be as confusing and stressful as trying to navigate through a bad traffic jam. Think of the New Haven HomeOwnership Center as your GPS, routing you through the roadblocks to find the home that's perfect for you. Neighborhood Housing Services of New  Haven brings you decades of experience and the confidence that you have a partner with your best interests at heart. We have the tools you need to purchase your home, including downpayment and mortgage options, realty services, neighborhood profiles, homebuyer education, and so much more. You are only one step away from your smartest path toward homeownership. 











Individual Coaching & Consultation

The HomeOwnership Center provides first-time homebuyers with free pre-purchase credit counseling in English and Spanish, in a one-on-one setting with a certified housing specialist. At the initial appointment, the housing specialist will review the prospective homebuyer's credit and income information to assess his or her readiness to purchase a home.


Our housing specialists understand that homebuyers vary widely in their readiness to buy. Some clients are fast-tracked into our pre-purchase homebuyer education classes in preparation for mortgage pre-qualification by one of our lender partners.


Other families will need more time to achieve homeownership. For these families there will be a subsequent series of one-on-one counseling sessions during which the housing specialist and the families work on specific issues that currently hinder their home purchase efforts, like credit problems and excessive debt.  


Individual counseling sessions are also available for post-purchase clients who may need assistance with budgeting following the purchase of their homes. And for those families facing foreclosure, the HomeOwnership Center has joined in a nationwide effort to help families before they lose their homes, offering loss mitigation counseling. 


Budgeting & Financial Management

The key to preserving the dream of homeownership is helping homeowners and prospective homebuyers to develop effective money management skills. It has often been said that it’s not how much you make - it’s how well you manage what you make. The New Haven HomeOwnership Center staff is committed to providing our clients with the basic skills needed to ensure the success of their homeownership experiences. 


Homebuyer Education

The HOC offers a variety of pre-purchase homebuyer education programs for first-time homebuyers. Click here for a full list of our classes.   


Our basic eight-hour pre-purchase class reviews all the fundamentals of homeownership, including the pros and cons of purchasing a home; the roles of realtors, mortgage originators, mortgage underwriters, and attorneys; financial management and budgeting needs; mortgage underwriting criteria; and general mortgage-related terminology. An emphasis is also placed on the basic responsibilities of a homeowner.

Additional Homebuyer information: