In March 2010, Neighborhood Housing Services of New Haven launched its Building Leaders, Building Communities: Resident Leadership Program. The program was an essential element of the training and education component of our Neighborhood Revitalization Institute.


Based on a curriculum developed in conjunction with our national partner, NeighborWorks®America, the program consists of five units. The primary goals of this program are to transfer concrete leadership skills to New Haven residents, create a space for participants to share their experiences with one another and increase their sense of being agents of change. One key to achieving these goals starts with the fundamental belief that participants and the communities they represent are assets. Oftentimes leadership programs are built to fill in the “missing gaps” in emerging leaders rather than to hone the strengths they already possess or allow time to build confidence and skills. This program aims to change that paradigm.


Please contact Stephen Cremin-Endes by email or phone at (203) 562-0598 ext. 222 for details regarding a next session! In addition to viewing the slideshows to the right, we encourage you to take a look at our blog for additional insight on our past Resident Leadership Programs! 


Building Leaders, Building Communities Curriculum


Option 1 Series:

Unit One: Building Winning Teams
Unit Two: Let's Talk! Tips for Effective Communication
Unit Three: Join Us! Staying Strong through Recruitment and Retention
Unit Four: Using Planning to Create Action
Unit Five: Effectively Using Community Resources
Option 2 Series:
Unit One: The Art and Science of Leadership
Unit Two: Mapping Community Assets
Unit Three: Understanding Power for Community Change
Unit Four: Planning Successful Campaigns
Unit Five: Leading Great Meetings
Past Facilitators:
Stephen Cremin-Endes  Director of  Community Building and Organizing, Neighborhood Housing Services of New Haven 
Lee Cruz Community Outreach Director, The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven
Velma Geroge  Neighborhood Specialist, the City of New Haven's Livable City Initiative 
Erik Johnson  former Director of the City of New Haven's Livable City Initiative
James Paley Executive Director, Neighborhood Housing Services of New Haven
Sarah Parmenter Senior Specialist, Community Building Program at NeighborWorks America
Leslie Radcliffe New Haven Civilian Review Board member, NHS of New Haven Board member
Stacy Spell President, West River Neighborhood Services Corporation