In December 2011, Tammy and James Chapman purchased 653 Winchester Avenue, which NHS rehabilitated as part of the first of its Newhallville clusters. The Chapmans were aware of the challenges that Newhallville has faced and once they committed to owning a home there they were equally committed to doing their part to help improve the neighborhood. They began by building raised beds on the south side of their property with repurposed materials they received from Urban Miners, and planted a vegetable garden. They realized that this was a great way to engage with their neighbors, both next door and those passing by. For the Chapmans, the next goal was a beautification project for the whole street! Tammy and James organize regular street cleanups and heavily support the Newhallville.Community.Matters resident initiative that works with the New Haven police to address local neighborhood concerns. The group continues to develop community relations through Back to School and Community Pride block parties; see photos here


The Chapmans also took part in the street lighting initiative on Lilac Street. Always looking for partners in their quest to make their neighborhood beautiful and healthy, Tammy collaborated with CitySeed and Common Ground (a charter high school, urban farm and environmental education center) to bring a “mobile market” to Winchester Avenue on Friday evenings from August to October, enabling residents to buy locally grown produce, try free samples, share recipes, and view cooking demonstrations.


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