Sponsoring block parties is one of the many fun ways that NHS helps residents to build their community and celebrate the revitalization work their neighborhood has achieved.  They are also a great opportunity for residents to come together to meet and greet each other. Helping to establish and deepen neighborhood relationships, block parties can play a necessary role in easing friendly interactions in the future, which may help prevent potential challenges down the road.


Recent years have seen wonderful blockparties throughout New Haven's neighborhoods and we've had the pleasure to support multiple events on Stevens Street in the Hill, Blake Street in Beaver Hills, and Lilac Street in Newhallville. 


To hold an event, neighborhood residents apply to City Hall for a permit to block off the street, coordinate the event with the Police and, on especially hot days, arrange with the Fire Department to release water from a hydrant. Music is usually provided by local residents, along with activity tables, potluck food and beverages, and games for children (hula hoops, water balloons, street basketball, etc.). Block parties are great community events for residents of all ages, and some even enjoy the event by viewing the fun from their porches!