Project Lighten Up is a collaborative effort sponsored by New Haven churches to provide new, brighter street lights, particularly in the Newhallville neighborhood. This project seeks to lighten up our dark streets, making neighborhoods safer. The founding churches are the Greater New Haven United Churches of Christ (UCC) and the Christian Community Commission (CCC) Promise Land Project. Project partners include the City of New Haven Department of Engineering, New Haven's Department of Parks, Recreation and Trees, New Haven Police Department, and Neighborhood Housing Services of New Haven. 


Sufficient lighting is important. Consider taking these steps to increase lighting in your area:


One: If a local street light it out:

  • Post a fix request to See-Click-Fix, or
  • Call the City Department of Engineering, (203) 946-6091. Please provide them with the type of problem, street address, light pole #, nearest cross street, your name and phone number (for follow-up).


Two: Determine whether the street lights near you have been upgraded to LED, as shown in the photo to the right. Contact any of the project partners if your area is one that would like LED street lights. Stephen Cremin-Endes can be reached by email or phone at (203) 562-0598 ext. 222.  


Three: Consider installing porch and side yard lights on your home. These add a measure of security, helping you to know when someone is around. 


Four: How about a lamppost? These not only help out pedestrians walking along the sidewalk, they add character to your property and street. 


As a Project Lighten Up partner,  Neighborhood Housing Services would like to facilitate increased lighting.  If you could benefit from technical assistance for steps 2 through 4, please reach out to Stephen Cremin-Endes by email or phone at (203) 562-0598 ext. 222. 


Paul Bass File Photo