Neighborhood Housing Services of New Haven was incorporated in 1979 with a mission to revitalize selected neighborhoods in New Haven. Over time, our mission has evolved to focus on positioning New Haven’s neighborhoods to succeed by increasing homeownership; making homes beautiful, energy-efficient, and affordable; and helping residents take charge of their neighborhoods. We believe that increased homeownership, educated homebuyers, and rehabilitated houses will produce stable, revitalized neighborhoods that our clients will be proud to call home. During the course of our 37-year history, NHS has fully renovated and sold nearly 450 units to low- and moderate-income families.


The New Haven HomeOwnership Center increases homeownership opportunities for individuals and families as a leading provider of pre- and post-purchase homebuyer education, financial coaching, and homeownership preservation services throughout Connecticut. Incorporated in 2001, the New Haven HomeOwnership Center has become the central housing agency in the region that provides comprehensive pre- and post-purchase homebuyer/homeowner education classes, financial fitness workshops, and credit counseling to low- and moderate-income residents of the Greater New Haven area. Through our HomeOwnership Center, we have been putting nearly 500 families a year on the path to homeownership through our homebuyer education classes and clinics.


Neighborhood Housing Services of New Haven is a Chartered Member of NeighborWorks® America. The NeighborWorks® Green Organization designation is recognition of our comprehensive commitment to sustainable operations. NeighborWorks® America awards the designation to organizations that have met a set of green achievement criteria that covers an organization’s overall management and office operations as well as the programs of the organization that are covered by the NeighborWorks® Green Organization Guidelines. Neighborhood Housing Services of New Haven has met the green achievement criteria in the following areas: homeownership education and counseling, single-family rehabilitation, owner and resident awareness, and community building and organizing. For more information on the NeighborWorks® Green Organization Program, see www.nw.org/green.